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12.08.2010 @上午8:18

Dear idiot,
Its been 2 weeks since i saw you. Well if you didnt realize, we actually communicate less compare to last time. I remember we used to webcam, chat whole night and i always dont feel like saying goodbye at the end. I really enjoy chatting with you and i mean it from the bottom of my heart. You always made me smile when you reply and i love it. And slowly because of this, i can felt the chemistry between us. I started to date you and we go dinner everyday and i swear every dinner made my day. Everyday im waiting for the time to pass and i hope dinner time will come faster so i can see you again. And now, we barely talk and i can feel that you're trying to keep a distance away from me. Its okay, maybe you're not ready yet or you dont feel the same way like i did from the beginning. I just hope that my presence will be the reason you smile everyday. :)

Love, a stupid donkey


6.01.2009 @上午10:20

second post.

last night i slept at 5 and i woke up at 8.
as usual i called some frens for breakfast.
i get bk home at arnd 12 for home tuition. -__-
i get a bad headache so i get some sleep.
arnd 7pm when i woke up, my headache is gone. :)
then i had my dinner and it was great.
after that i straight online till late night. wtf
and online causes my headache comes bk. -__-
wht a bad day i had.
i knw this is a very boring post, this is just the beginning. :D
hope we'll get well soon. ;D

5.31.2009 @上午1:28

hi guys.
this is my first post !!
hope you'll enjoy it.

first, EXAMS FINISHED ! happy. :D

okay lets start my story.
yesterday kokszechung came over to follow me to pyramid.
he came around 11.00 and we go to pyramid at 4.30 LOL.
when we reached there, first thing was went to jasmine cafe for lunch.
after lunch, we went to pool centre to find sam (the panda) .
after that, we 3 went for dinner then went for movie.

[Terminator Salvation].

we sit on the first row and it was really tiring but the show was great.
after the show, it was around 11.30 and so we had to go back.
thanks to sam's father and my mother for fetching us. xD
kok came to over night at my hse and we chat till late night.
i slept at 3 and woke up at 7 for church. wtf
after church i came bk and everyone ffk me for breakfast. :(
so i slept awhile then kok and i walked to kfc for lunch and sam came over.
we went to digital mall for fun and ply dota at u14 cc.
then we walked back home to get some rest. :D

thats all folks, stay tuned for my next post. @@"

i love you. :)

5.30.2009 @上午1:37

hello earthlinks :)


seventeen .

Andrew Ng
Chee Hwei
Huey Yi
Jason Low
Jue Wern
Kar Yan
Kheng Yu
Mei Yee
Michelle Too
Sek Joon
Shu Xin
Wilson Thong
Win Shian
Yee Ing
Zheng Ta



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